baking workshop table with lots of baked dishes
photo courtesy Espai Egg

The Baking Workshops of delicious and healthy organic sweets is about enjoying food with others, discovering what you would like to create and experimenting with proportions, with ingredients, with techniques, with different kind of elaboration that you have to apply to reach your idea or to get something new altogether.

I would like to accompany you through this journey, giving you the basic recipes you can experiment with and reinvent and being by your side throughout the process.
My name is Adriana and I´m an experimental cook.

Suggested menu, made entirely with organic products:

Raw vegan Cheesecake flavored with…
A… sweet potato texture in a muffin
Some…type of nut balls
What will you take home with you?

2 pieces of your cheesecake (muffin size)
2 muffins of your sweet potato texture
4 of your nut balls

When: April 12th
Time: 19:00pm till 21:30
Price: 30€ (ingredients for the menu are included)
Where: Espai Egg  Carrer de La Riereta 15, 08001
Max. people: 8
Reservation: (limited spots) Confirm reservation here: mar.deagosto@yahoo.es
Languages: Spanish, English, German