Shira Garnishing a plate of meat balls and mash potato

I Spoke to Shira owner and chef at A tu Bola A cutesy restaurant in the RAval that serve the most amazing crunchy savoury meat, fish and vegetarian balls made up of a combination of ingredients that appeal to the masses. She does not stop at balls, each set is accompanied by a delicious serving of authentically made humus, a choice of side dishes & warm pitta. And she prepares it all in-front of you – Brave woman!

A Tu Bola is the perfect alternative to Spanish tapas Serves deliciously fresh & tasty middle Eastern flavours in the Raval –

Someseeds: What made you decide to open A Tu Bola in Barcelona?

Shira: Since I came to Barcelona I had been working as a Chef for some restaurants but I have this dream in my mind, to own my restaurant. I wanted to create something different and special. Then the idea of Bolas came across and it became a reality.

Someseeds: Where are you from and what is your cooking background?

Shira: I am from Israel but my family roots extend to Morocco. I learned from my grandmother Moroccan cuisine and from my mother the love for taste and spices. I used to watch her cooking for hours and then serve us that delicious dish. I want people to experience the same feeling.

Someseeds: What is your philosophy when it comes to the products that you buy?

Shira: I buy always fresh products and I use a lot of ingredients in every single bola . That way the taste is varied & more rich. And the reason why I do meatballs is because the shape is more attractive for everyone. From kids to grandparents, everybody likes meatballs. Also I remember when I was a kid and I didn’t want to eat something like vegetables, my mother use to hide them very cleverly into a meatball. So I think is a great way to take food.

Someseeds: Haaa Haaa, yes your mums smart!

Someseeds: As well as meat dishes do you have a selection for vegetarians, vegans & gluten free options?

Shira: Yes, our vegetarian dishes are very popular. We try to give an option to everyone who wants to enjoy balls.

Someseeds: What is the most popular dish on the menu?

Shira: Everything. You know, there are people who love our humus and vegetarian people that go crazy for the boniato (sweet potato) balls. Chicken and pork are very famous among meat lovers. Then there is of course, our chocolate balls!!

Someseeds: Yes I know all about the chocolate balls, they are so good.

Someseeds: What is the most ambitious/ creative thing you have done?

Shira: I think to open a small restaurant in Raval and make it work. I mean, to see people coming again and again & talking about how much they love the food is tops.

Someseeds: What is your favourite food when you go out to a restaurant?

Shira: I love all kinds of food. As a Chef I find myself inspired by a lot of cultures and flavours. I like to try new things and of course I love the mix between traditional and street cuisine.

Someseeds: If you had to give someone one piece of advice about Barcelona, what would it be?

Shira: Get yourself off the tourist wave and try local beers. There are really good breweries over here.