I´m Bobbie Nicole


Get Ready To Harvest The Best of Barcelona’s Non-Stop Evolving Gastronomic Scene.

Barcelona is incredibly exciting, diverse & on point when it comes to gastronomy. However, trying to sift through the sheer number of dining options, then make a decision, can often feel like running on a treadmill then suddenly, the speed gets wacked up, flailing around like a nut in an attempt to regain some kind of composure. Even then, it still seems like quite the task.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head, coz SomeSeeds is going to help you with all that. It has a finger firmly controlling that speed button.  I am going to help you stay cool, calm and collected whilst you explore all the glorious and delicious bounty Barcelona has to offer.

You see, I will be curating and sharing the very best of Barcelona´s food & drink blogs so that you can make informed decisions about where and what to eat.

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas

So what we talking?

We´re talking, taking the guesswork out of hooking up to the city´s best restaurants, coolest bars & coffee shops, patisseries, food festivals, etcetera etcetera!

There is a whole community of fabulously well informed & prominent food bloggers, writers, chefs who are hot on the heels of great food in Barcelona. As Epicureans we make it our job to indulge in the sensual pleasure of eating and drinking, taste testing, check out new restaurants, then whilst you are asleep, pound away at our computer keyboards, so we can give you a heads up.

During this wonderful journey you will discover new blogs, each one with their own unique style. Some are witty, eloquent, brutally honest, sarcastic, down to earth and even a wee bit rude. What we have in common though, is we want you to make good choices. Capiche!

SomeSeeds is a one stop shop, a resource for you to discover the best there is so you don’t get caught in a spin.

“Share the joy of eating by sprinkling SomeSeeds”

A little note: Just in case you were wondering, why the website is called SomeSeeds?
Well, while I was growing up my dad loved imparting knowledge about all sorts of bits & bobs. At the end of every shared story, lesson or theory he´d say. ” You know girl, I´m just planting some seeds”. Each time nurturing and growing the habit of thinking. He inspired me.  Whence, SomeSeeds was born.

“The apple never falls far from the tree” and so, I too want to inspire & share knowledge, the knowledge of where you can go, to find really GREAT food.

Bobbie Nicole

Let´s continue to sprinkle SomeSeeds. I welcome sharing ideas, collaborating, partnering or simply say hello: hello@someseeds.com