authentic korean food at kamasot
Photo courtesy of Bcn Mes

I´d love a handbag sized book dedicated to the writing from El Equipo B @ BcnMes.  I would pack it neatly in whatever I decided to carry the days personal items and take it with me every where I go. I would read. re-read them over & over because I would´nt get bored with the pragmatism & humour.

Oh and there would be a whole section with these too: Times we stepped into dog shit this week: 2. Times we woke up with a headache from drinking too much vermut: 1. Times we walked passed a La Caixa branch and thought their advertising was hideous: 100. Random funny email of the month: “I would like to be baptized soon. But is it correct you are not open during the weekend? If so my ask whether the 4 hours are in one session or multiple? Because I can only come after work…”

It’s neither cheap nor expensive. If you go big, you pay big. But if you’re on a budget, get a bowl of bibimbab and bounce.

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