Bar Canete Catalan Restaurant Tuna Tartare
photo courtesy Driftwood Journals

So you´re in Spain, perhaps on holiday and looking for some Catalan food, proper Catalan mind, coz that would be real nice seeing as you are in Catalunya. You want to pick winner, but Arrrgh´you just don´t know which one! You also don´t mind spending a little bit of wonga,  because like you said you´re on hols.

Well, I got one for you. Upmarket yet traditional this long standing restaurant seems to put a smile on everyone´s face, for the simple reason that this very popular Catalan eaterie is an all rounder. Do bare in mind though, everyone wants a piece of the action at Bar Cañete (Raval) but you have to be in the know (tapping nose). If you play your cards right you don´t even have to spend that much and you´ll be able to get a table!

Read on… Driftwood Journals tells you how.

“As it says on the menu: “Fuck your diet”.

“The chefs clearly aren’t afraid to play around with ingredients, but they never stray too far from the core of what makes Catalan food so great – a deep respect for seasonal produce”

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