barcelona´s best coworking spaces serve food and drink


Yesterday After I posted about Bacanal a cafe bar restaurant and super space in Sant Antoni I started thinking ” maybe i should add something about co-working spaces in Barcelona” Bacanal is not a coworking space but it defianately resembles one and is the ideation behind today´s sharing. Anyrode, Barcelona Navigator has for you an exceptional list of Barcelona´s best coworking spaces from which to choose!

Blogger or freelancer? Looking for Cosy, Chic, industrial or practical? Tea, coffee & snacks tend to be part of the deal but some go a step above and beyond with in house restaurant, chill out zones, incredibly inviting terraces, shower rooms, a vegetable garden and a gargantuan cosmoses you could turn up in a space suit . sit back and peruse each of the unique co-working environments to see which one suits you.

freelancers and entrepreneurs are breaking out to work on their own projects. A number of outstanding coworking spaces have emerged to accommodate these tech savvy, creative and self-directed workers.


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