Barcelonas´ Neighbourhoods Explained in 6 minutes

I had to have a good dig around before finding this series. A visual vault of video magic, depicting each of Barcelona´s charismatic neighbourhoods. Thanks to OK Apartment Barcelona for producing nicely balanced info, where you get a happy chappy interviewer, locals spilling the beans, compelling sprinkles of history, travel info, pinpoint landmarks all in only 6 minutes.

Without further ado here are 9 of Barcelonas´ neighbourhoods explained in 6 minutes. In the following order Gotico, Born, Raval, Eixample Left, Eixample Right, Sagrada Familia, Sant Antoni, Poble Sec & Sarria.

barcelonas neighbourhoods explained in 6 minutes
Photo by Bobbie Nicole

When this video came out it went super viral. It is a time lapse video celebrating most of the
city´s most iconic and must see places. Its pretty cool.

Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.