Best bars with free tapas on table 3 glasses of beer and a plate of 3 fried egg on toast
Photo Courtesy of Driftwood Journals

Who loves Tapas ME! Who Loves FREE Tapas. ME! I´m gonna be honest when I flicked through Driftwood Journals Best Bars with Free Tapas blog post I thought, flippin heck I´ve not heard of any of these tapas bars.  Now that is Good News for you too, because it means these are places that have been teased out of  golden corners of Barcelonas Gastronomic-la-la land.

I have to say I am gleefully happy smashing bowls of crisps into my mouth, licking the salt off pippa husks or swishing anchovie stuffed olives down with my alcoholic beverage off of those that offer them. However if your man o woman serve a free plate of something much more substantial with every drink that I order, for no extra charge, I am stoked. Here,  in the following review food fellows, are places that serve more dinner than thinner (rhymes doesnt it! )  I´ve seen fried calamari rings, chorizo, butifarra & toasted sandwiches and that is just to tease… so without further ado ……….

Yes, there really are bars in Barcelona that serve free tapas when you order a drink! Here’s where to find them…

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