Carne Picante / Meat filled & Spiceee

Best Pies at Komo en Kasa in the Raval

Never under-estimate how small something is! Komo en Kasa is a snacky bar and larger than life. Yes it is! It´s small but seriously buzzing, the perfect place if you fancy snacking and a spot of people watching. You get all walks of life cruising down this very vibrant corner of Barcelona, in fact it was here I ate before finding myself sitting at a table at Lántic Forn ( Review coming soon)  I simply couldn’t resist one of their tasty pies.

Where it is and a brief description of the restaurant .

In the Raval on the corner of the ever popular C/ Joaquin Costa & C/ Del Peu de La Creu. What a great street name the last one is right? As mentioned before it’s a small establishment and people tend to take away, however there is seating not loads, but they have. The seating forms part of the window ledge so you are “in and out” if you know what I mean?! There is a cute little plaza opposite where you could park up & eat your food if you wanna!

What food do they serve?

Snacky stuff. Original home-made empanadas with gorgeous fillings. Good news for gluten free individuals, them make pies made from maize. Woop Woop. Also served are pizzas, salads, sandwiches, quiches, soups, coffee & smoothies.

Service & ambiance

Absolutely brilliant. LOVE KOMO EN KASA. The staff are super cool & attentive

Points for improvement:  None. If aint broke why fix it!!

In summary

Indicative of the name Komo en Kasa / Eat at home. You get the whole package here. Food, clientele & the staff are really cool and always upbeat.The only way to truly capture the ambiance is head down to this very popular street in the RAval.

Photos Bobbie Nicole

komo en kasa products on the shelf menu board and woman standing at counter
The woman looks narcaleptic she alright?
four skateboarders waiting for order at komo en kasa
This photo still makes me chuckle. Look at the cheeky chappy pointing at me, catching me snapping photo
close up of jamon and queso pizza at komo en kasa
Home made pizzas


Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 3, 08001 Barcelona

Hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 till 23:00 Everyday Yep!