Tatami room ramen dish
Completely meat free Ramen. Real delicious.

Best Vegetarian Ramen at the Tatami Room

They Have Nailed It …..

Feed me noodles, rice, chillies, fish, spicy bolek, pla thod sam rod, lemon grass, ginger, seaweed, just about anything remotely related to Umami and I will do the Harlem Shuffle. So when an email landed in my inbox titled “Tatami Room NEW Ramen Recipe Tasting”…it made me coo. A massive shout out to Rob Dobson, writer at Homage to BCN for inviting me along with 4 other note worthy food loving Barcelona advocates and writers: Michael Mueller at Mini Guide Sara Larsson Appetite & Other Stories Tara Jessop at The Culture Trip and Victoria Batz at Corazon y Zanahoria

Turned out, the Tatami Room in Poble Sec, a Japanese restaurant were a few days away from their Meat Free Monday launch and here we were sampling the new menu. As someone who cannot resist a good looking fishy on a dishy but also constantly on a mish for interestingly creative vegetarian dishes, Sesamo still wearing the Someseeds´ rosette for the most creative and yummiest vegetarian dishes to date. I was hopeful.

This place of course, its right up my tin pan alley, bussin´ out heaps of umami stops, oodles of mouthwatering fish options and are now the winners of vegetarian ramen, Hey-Hey (Rosette is in the post) So let´s present the winning formula.

vegetarian ramen tatami room

vegetarian ramen tatami room ceiling

British Restaurateurs Hugo and Jason both delightfully down to earth & tickingly refreshing in their banter, spurred on several happy flashbacks with friends back in good ol´ London town. Gercha! I´m talking hot toddies, pubs, crackling fires, over-sized aran jumpers. It was lovely and a fabulous start. The restuarant itself is defo authentic you just have to look up at the ceiling, scan the floor, proceed to the back of the restaurant (I enjoyed the last bit, it was short, sweet & tinged with the sensation of entering a private members club) then go down the stairs for the Ta Da moment. It´s a nice surprise.

We got to choose from 3 dishes, sensibly making sure we had at least 1 bowl from the list. I chose MISO SHIITAKE RAMEN a wholesome ramen soup of generous proportions, made up of shiitake and porcini mushrooms, kombu, ginger, caramelized onions, spring onions and leeks then topped with roasted sweet potato, marinated mushrooms, spring onions and nori seaweed. The broth was dense & earthy with a subtle smokey flavour. The noodles were plentiful and had a wonderful texture. Hand made maybe? I didn´t ask. I just ate. Until there was nothing left. Greedy grumptious. So very tasty. I didn´t waste a drop. So full up.

So Listen, you have to go, even if you are not looking for MEATless Monday (you should try it)

TIP. Sometimes, even if a Ramen soup is billed as vegetarian and you have decided to opt out of all animal derivatives, do note, the key ingredient to traditional ramen stock is, boiled bones. Just sayin´ – At The Tatami Room however the soup stock is unadulterated vegetable stock.

The delicious vegetarian / vegan Menu (so far)


A broth of shiitake and porcini mushrooms, kombu ginger, caramelized onions, spring onions and leeks, topped with roasted sweet potato, marinated nushrooms, spring oniions and nori seaweed


A slightly spicy black sesame based broth, topped with bok choi, fried seitan, spring onions and chilli string


A Slightly spicy white sesame based broth, topped with bok choi, fried seitan, spring onions and peanuts

Admission:  I did suffer a bout of food envy when the bowls arrived, all dishes look incredible!

Please check their facebook page for the next Meat Free Monday event & opening times

Address: C/ Poeta Cabanyes, 19, 08004 Barcelona

Pop in to : thetatamiroombcn.com  facebook.com