cafe fred coffee anytime anywhere hand holding a bottle of cafe fred

Become a Fredista….

After eating a huge lunch and feeling the onset of narcolepsy I walked into El Magnifico one of my favourite coffee shops to get a quick fix. Problem was it was bloody warm that day and the thought of necking a broiling drink kicked off a flurry of hot flushes. That´s when I discovered Super chilled Café Fred.  Legal speed in a bottle that you can sip at any given time because it comes in a cool 60ml  bottle equal to 2 shots of espresso.  Just pop that little fella in my bag thank you!

“Diluted with water, mixed with milk, in a cocktail, with sugar…you may even heat it up and enjoy it warm if you wish”

Café Fred  – Knowing you can drink a 100% natural, top flavoured coffee on the fly whenever you want is rather clever! Perfect for hard core coffee lovers who need a shot of strong black coffee at the snap of a finger, alternatively add milk and sugar & Hey presto!

Each measure of Fred equals one espresso shot of coffee (30ml).

Coffee beans are selected, roasted and ground by Cafes El Magnifico (The Born)

Bottles of 60ml (2 measures), 250ml (8 measures), 500ml (16 measures) are available.
To Find Fred check out the map on the website for a complete list of establishments.