Casa Guinart 1899 on La Rambla is serving really great food.

My general rule of thumb “don’t eat or drink on La Rambla” because like any major city centralised restaurants charge stupid amounts of money for food and drink because they know that they can. Adding insult to injury, more often than not, the food disappoints. I remember as a newbie in the city of our beloved Barcelona, I ordered a café con leche on La Rambla, cant remember the place exactly, was mortified when charged a whopping 5 Euros for a drink that should have cost no more than 90 cents at the time. Bloody bastards got me hook line and sinker!

However there is an exception to that rule and it dates back to 1899 so with over 100 years in the biz, Casa Guinart 1899 has a place firmly fixed on the map, doing itself justice by offering fine fare, as should any real clever food serving establishment, there are no cutting corners here nor do you feel you are being taken for a ride.

Practically next door is La Boqueria market giving itself rapid access to sought after seafood, fruits and veggies, this restaurant ladies and gentlemen honors the privilege by serving great Spanish food.This place came very well recommended, by a friend born and bred in Barcelona who  knows where to eat.

Best tapas & hot dishes served all day and if you like wine the selection is tip top, they even craft their own olive oil. The best bit for me, as always is that all the food is cooked right in front of you, swoon past the window and you´ll see what I mean.  Cheap it is not but if you´re after quality ingredients, tasty food smack bang in the heart the city, you won´t mind payin´ La Rambla 95 is all you need to remember, you´ll find yourself in the House of Guinart!

Example dishes:

Grilled meats with lychee & artichokes

Broad beans cooked with ham and truffled cannelloni,


Flambéed grilled crayfish

Meatballs stew with cuttlefish

Marinated black cod and sesame seeds

Desert examples:

Mascapone and berries

Chocolate with 4 textures

Address: La Rambla 95, Barcelona 08001

Cost: 20 – 50

Hours: Mon – Sun 10:00- 23:30

Nearest Metro: Liceu