coffee life & style nomad ribera a v60 goose neck kettle
Staff at Nomad preparing coffee with a V60 Goose neck kettle

Swoosh into La Ribera then cut into the alluring Passatge Sert to get to Nomad Coffee where skilled and friendly Baristas take the hot black stuff to another level. I was surprised to learn they don´t serve sugar, at all. What I mean is
That is bonkers to me.
Have I been lying under a rock or somat? Am I not cool for thinking that?
But then it made some sense. Quickly I remembered watching a documentary about Baristas. The planets greatest baristas square off to make the best coffee anyone´s ever tasted. Where they immaculately filter water so that it is heated with razor precision so you don`t scold a single inch of your mouth as you take a sip ensuring you thrill from notes of tarragon, rosemary, citrus, smoke, bacon & the likes – Yeah!

I tried the green apple & tomato confiture. Hands up I didn´t get into the zone and still combing suppressed memories for some recognition. I am though, determined to feel the force & become a speciality coffee nodder.

For me Nomad Coffee Lab was all about the experience. If you are a coffee hipster virgin, go to try a bunch of stuff, watch the baristas concoct the stuff in their trendy coffee science lab at the same time checking out all the coffee hipsters order their favourite brew. Its emotional.

Nomad Coffee
Passatge de Sert 12 Barcelona,
Mon Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm (Closed Weekends)

Nomads other shops.
C/Pujades 95
C/ Joaquin Costa 26