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Photo Courtesy of Enzo Minuzzo

Often when we say vegetarian or vegan, people’s reaction is scary and the answer is usually: “how can you live on salad !?”. This demonstration wants to end this myth, teaching you tasty dishes evolved from Italian cooking and giving you the opportunity to learn how easy it is to cook healthy, fast and beautifully.

At at nineteen I become a vegetarian and being the only one in the family to choose that type of diet, I begin  to discover a passion for cooking. At twenty-three I found my first job in the kitchen of an organic farm near Lake Garda, where I learnt the rudiments of Mediterranean cuisine, since I used to cook mainly Indian cuisine. At 28 I went to Australia, where I stayed for a year learning techniques about products from the Far East. Upon returning to Lake Garda I am offered a job as a chef allowing me to let go of my creativity.
Wanting to open a new chapter in my life I moved to Barcelona last April and after working for a couple of months at a vegetarian restaurant, I am offered the opportunity to be the chef of a vegan restaurant that will open soon.

During this workshop we will make a 7 dish Tasting Menu:

Two Appetizers
Coca with chickpeas & parsley soyannaise
Eggplant & mozzarella rolls

Two salads
Spaghetti with squash & red pesto
Carpaccio of beet, rocket, Parmigiano & reduction of balsamico

Two mains
Cauliflower risotto, rocket & blue cheese emulsion
Pumpkin vegan tortellini

A dessert
Caprese vegan gluten-free pie

The duration of the course is 2 hours which includes a copy of the recipes
and tasting of the dishes taught.

When: Tuesday 31st October 2017

Time: 19:00 to 21:00

Where: Espai Egg Carrer de La Riereta 15, 08001

Book: Telephone: 655 406 478

Web: Facebook page: Enzo Minuzzo Vegchef   Instagram: Enzo Minuzzo

Cost: 20€ Booking Essential