interior cuines santa caterina in the born barcelona

Arrghhh Soooo many places but eat?! I Know the feeling. I have a great buzzy option if your taste buds are messing with you and don´t have to shell out big bread either. Cuines restaurant Santa Caterina in the Born serve select international food from all over the world hence the no stress value.

Maybe an international food gate crash under a single roof might not be your thing, I knows, but this place is a good option and part of Grupo Tragaluz . They know what they´re doing!

So whats it all about …

The menu offers a variety of international specialties cross-referenced and neatly divided into a grid. Four cuisines vertically down one side: Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Of the world consisting of Thai, Cantonese, Japanese blah-blah & charcoal-oven. Food bases horizontally across the top: Veggies, rice, pasta, meat, fish-shellfish & Eggs (ye I know)  Anyway I recall one dish I had which was so tasty it was a monkfish stew, big juicy clams and a  dollop of romesco sauce which is listed in the Mediterranean + fish section.

cuines international food santa caterina menu
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Dig around the menu a bit & get your server to explain the dishes there are plenty of them working there or do what I do and sit at the bank directly in front of the open kitchen, you will see all the food coming out, that way you can eat with your eyes. Sorted! If you decide you are in a tapas mood by the time you arrive then plonk yourself at the entrance. There you have to try the beautiful plump salmon sashimi, in sweet soy, lime and sesame oil. The deep fried artichokes sprinkled with cracked sea salt are also amaze-balls also the big fat asparagus done on the griddle, lightly drizzled in good quality olive oil, salt and pepper served with a mildly spicy sauce polished off with a glass of crispy cold white wine (my combo when on the fly)

Cuines is inside Santa Caterina market in the born one the coolest parts of town . Interior wise its nice spacious and airy. Sleek counters and big long wood tables & wall panels, a botanical garden with actual ficas trees inside  or during warmer days sit outside. Get there early especially if you are a large group as it does get very busy at peak times.
Peak Lunch *13:30 Peak Dinner from *20:00

Cuines Santa Caterina is a good option when you can´t make up your mind on the food front there are lots of international dishes from which to choose.  Go by yourself, with a mate, in a large group, ideal when mum & dad are over for a visit this restaurant is a safe bet. Cuines offer breakfast lunch and dinner.

Price moderate: 11-30 euros

Nearest Metro: Urquinaona & Jaume 1

AddressAv. Francesc Cambó, 16

Tel+34 932 689 918