dos palillos asian fusion restaurant barcelona private dining room

Dos Palillos, Asian fusion restaurant

Sometimes a quick nibble at a top restaurant is in order. Just pop in and out, no fussing, do you know what I mean? I managed to achieve exactly that one evening at Dos Palillos, a Michelin star restaurant in the Raval serving authentic Asian fusion dishes tapas style.

I loved the fact that I could walk in, no questions asked, plonk myself at the bar, be greeted by super friendly staff and feel really comfortable, no pressure. They made me feel like I was a regular customer and I liked that a lot .

Whilst I was having a good scotch at the decor it occured to me the colour Red as the dominant colour, which I found interesting. Then I read “The colour red is thought to be the colour that provokes the most response among humans The hue´s intensity is known to induce emotions such as warmth & passion”. Very clever, very clever indeed I mused.

At the opposite end of the restaurant there is a “red” chain mail curtain and through it I could make out people sitting around a bar. I could hear the sound of laughter and glasses clinking.

A private room? Exclusive only to who? Something sordid maybe? Intriguing? You bet!  Naturally I pondered the sounds beyond the screen before wandering over. I parted the heavy metal curtain and proceeded inside the mysterious room. What I saw was a very intimate and engaging service of Dos Pallillo´s most delicate foods, from the tasting menu. The guests watched as their dishes were prepared right in front of them, at the same time the chefs showcase their skills.

I watched as the chef very carefully constructed an ethereal masterpiece made up of goose barnacles. algue and some unfamiliar ingredients, place them into a stone, used as the eating receptacle, finished off by a light clear broth poured over it. Satisfied with the investigation  I receded back to my seat and ordered a beer.

The beer was served in a Japanese ceramic cup which was lovely, seemingly enhancing the temperature of the tasty malt flavour. With my drink the lovely chatty chef offered me some crispy wontons, served with a sweet lemon grass, lime and ginger sauce which were really good.

I ordered some steamed dumplings stuffed with pak choi and shitake mushrooms that came in a bamboo steamer. The dumplings were topped with black sesame seeds which I dipped into a light soy sauce, delicate and earthy in flavour. This was followed by char-grilled Eel temaki. The Eel was served on top of some sushi rice, and a separate plate of seaweed sheets & shiso leaves. This was interesting because you have to make up each mouthful yourself. First a sheet of seaweed then lay a shisho leaf on top, eel and then some rice. Roll it up like you are making a maki, dip it in some sauce and pop it into your mouth. It was warm, soft, savoury and fragrant. The shiso leaf was most exciting to me because firstly I had never heard of it nor tried it before. It´s a delicious grassy herb with notes of citrus, mint and basil, I am a little fascinated with it I have to say. It totally pulled this dish together.

My meal came to 25 euros.

After successfully nibbling at a top notch restaurant topped with an exploration of the mystery room I can confirm I was content!

P.s Dos Palillos also serves meals in a beautifully lit, lush green garden. What other surprises do they have? I´m afraid You´ll have to go see for yourself!

Pps Dos Palillos (pronounced pa-li-yos means 2 chopsticks / toothpicks)

the chefs serving private diners in the secret room through chain mail curtaintwo chefs engaging with clients at dos palillosrazor clams served on stone from the tasting menucrispy spring roll on a plate or ruby red dipping sauce and chop stickschargrilled eel tamaki and rice from dos palillos in Barcelonasteamed dumplings in a basket

crispy wontons with a sweet ginger sauce in a bowlhand holding chop sticks or dos palillos with shiso leaf ceramic cup with beer a very happy chef at dos palillos dos palillos garden dining area with lush trees and asian lights

Price – 31 -60 euros

Address: Carrer d’Elisabets, 9, 08001 Barcelona

Hours: Tues -Weds 19:30 – 23:30 & Thurs-Fri-Sat 13:30 to 15:30 then 19:30 – 23:30

Tel. +34 933 040 513

Nearest Metro: Liceu and San Antoni