Barcelona´s first cereal cafe_table
photo courtesy of El Flako

Up till now the only cereal cafe I knew of is the one in East London called Cereal Killer Cafe. Maybe you know it? However, I can´t help but think of the very unfortunate clash a couple of years ago when they became the target of 100´s of angry anarchists during the 2015 gentrification demonstration, vandalising the cafe and giving the willies to their customers in the process. Maybe the words “Cereal Killer” caused them to take policing matters into their own hands and the poor terrified customers where seen as victims in distress?

Anyway…..what I am about to tell you will excite all who have dreamt of their favourite childhood crunchy sugary slurpy milk fix. I´ve got one word for you. Flako.
El Flako is a new kid on the block & the first cereal cafe in Barcelona that serve the stuff all bloody day long. They have over 70 cereals to choose from, crazy toppings, gluten free and vegan options too. So, Go get your fix and don´t forget to brush your teeth!

AddressGeneral Álvarez de Castro, 5-7.

Hours: Everyday from 9am till 9pm except Sunday 10am till 8pm