Fresh pasta workshop espai egg.
photo courtesy of Espai Egg

Gnocchi and pasta, two recipes that, in different forms, have accompanied humanity for centuries, forming a fundamental part of the diet of different cultures, all of the world.

The tendency is to think that they are complicated recipes that require a lot of tecnique, in this workshop we will show you how to prepare these plates simply, using local and organic products, accompanied by good vibes and biodynamic wines.

The class will be lead by cooks Alberto (Italian) and Ella (Australian) of Bear on Bike. With a focus on ´slow food´, they use local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and work towards a no-waste kitchen.

For those who wanted to go to the last workshop but couldn´t make it, here is another wonderful opportunity to learn how to craft your own fresh pasta.

When: June 22nd 2017
Time: 19:00pm till 21:30
Price: 30€
Where: Espai Egg  Carrer de La Riereta 15, 08001
Max. 12 People
Reservation: Essential due to limited places: