espai egg italian kitchen fresh pasta and egg


Hello! Join us for a challenging cooking class where we will be learning how to make fresh pasta for ravioli in spinach color filled with egg yolk.

We will serve our ravioli with homemade blue cheese & nuts sauce and red wine.

Every week Jovana leads classes dedicated to cooking and tasting Italian food. This is a Project of making a weekly cooking lessons for people who would like to improve many delicious recipes and really start cooking or expand their practice in Italian kitchen. Together we will make everything by hand and work through a variety of delicious Italian recipes. Everyone can work on their own plate, and practice the new techniques. When the cooking is done, we serve our dish with a glass of wine and enjoy our dinner all together.

Price: 18€ /person

When: Saturday 7th April

Time: 19:30 to 22:30

Where15 Carrer de la Riereta Barcelona, 

Call to reserve your place +34 698 565 722