ramen ya hiro barcelona comical drawing
Hiro´s drawing. Photo Courtesy of All Those

I couldn’t find a review in English as enjoyable & warming as the following interview for Ramen Ya Hiro, a beloved Ramen Noodle restaurant in the Eixample.
Now then, the text may have been written some time ago, but the fact of the matter is, when you got people still queuing outside your shop to eat your noodles, over 14k followers on facebook, date stamps are irrelevant and pieces like this must be shared.

I’ve practiced a lot to get my recipe. I have everything written in this Star Wars notebook.

I was working about 20 hours, leaving only 2 hours for sleeping and another 2 for shopping

Viqui Sanglas of All those & Hiro of Ramen Ya Hiro give a wonderful and insightful interview bringing to light one man’ s mission to make the perfect Ramen.
Hiro practiced for 4 years until it was right. He basically worked his ass off.

Read the full interview also find out where Hiro likes to eat in town Click