Isabellas italian restaurant stripey blue table cloth laid table and vintage chair


Discovering new Barcelona food writing fellow, seeking sensual food experiences in Barcelona is in essence, central to what SomeSeeds does and loves. My Foodie Friend Barcelona is another welcomed discovery. Katie is a busy bee. A TV Producer / Director & lover of good food. Since landing in Barcelona she finds time to tease out eateries that are deserving of a mention, reviewing points that are both good and bad.  Her reviews can be both poetic and practical making the blog an interesting read.  On this occasion My Foodie Friend takes us to Isabella´s an Italian restaurant in Sarria with a menu that includes French & Spanish influences. Isabella´s  sounds like the perfect place to go when in need of something on the right side of what I would refer to as “Quirky Special“, a good catch you would really rather keep to yourself.

Eating at Isabella’s is less like going out for a meal, more like popping round to a rather posh neighbour’s for a bite.

My foodie friend teams up with friend Jessie Ann James who is responsible for the super photography on the website (Jessie is also a choreographer for those that love dance)

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