An Evening at Kaiku a Top Seafood & Beach Restaurant

I got a call from Carmela a very dear friend of mine asking me what I was up to. Of course I knew this was an invitation to dine. Carmela was born and raised in Catalunya, she knows the city inside out and Queen when it comes to “places to go”, she knows where the treasures are hidden and taught me a thing or two.

When Chris and I moved to Barcelona we ended up sharing an apartment with her and 3 other amazing people for almost a year, undoubtedly one of the best and exciting chapters in my life

I  sometimes think about life and its twists, turns, forks in the road and how those same twists, turns and forks in the road take you to certain people.  When you forge a special bond with someone the idea of never having met them is unimaginable. Carmela is one of those people. She is brilliant and I know, when I get a call from her I am going to feel lifted & inspired.

It is 9pm and Carmela picks me up from my place in a taxi and this is where I meet Luccio. A fine Italian who is a food aficionado.
Luccio owns and runs a very popular Italian restaurant called “Al Contadino sotte le Stelle” in Barcelona & Berlin.

You´ll love the location at Kaiku, it is right there, on the beach!  The interior of the restaurant is simple with an open kitchen, that allowed me to pre-think some dish contenders. Tick. They have tables inside and out and as you can well imagine tables outside were full & bustling. I loved the fact the restaurant was full, full of locals eating, drinking and laughing, a good indication that Kaiku has good food.

Something worth mentioning is that Kaiku is known for its fresh ingredients. The restaurant is next to the port so their fish is absolutely fresh which is why its one of Barcelona´s Top seafood restaurants. On the board you will notice written next to specific fish and seafood options the date the fish is caught.

As a complimentary starter ( Carmela and Luccio know the chef ) we sampled chilled pumpkin soup garnished with crushed pistachio served in a small glass.  We then ordered 3 starters to share. We had deep fried cassava chips which were perfectly fried and light, steamed clams with cracked szechuan pepper and carpaccio of swordfish ravioli. When the ravioli arrived I was a bit surprised,  it was not what I had expected. They resembled miniature fried eggs with perfect yolk centres. The pasta was so fresh it melted in your mouth.

For mains Luccio and I shared a Monkfish Paella (Paella always a minimum of 2 people) that came with a small ramakin filled with a green chilli oil and Carmela ate barracuda and sweet potato. Desert was panna cotta with a rasberry coulis. Such good food choices all round. The wine, left to Luccio to choose, was an Albariño a popular white wine from the North-West of Spain, totally complemented the whole meal!

We had some really interesting chats that evening Luccio talked about his passion for food, where it came from and how he´s an advocate of the “slow food” movement which aims to promote local produce, old gastronomic traditions and food production. I learnt quite a bit about food culture from him that evening.

The company was delightful, the food delicious and the night perfect.

Our bill came to 120euros ( 3 people)

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Price: 31 – 60 euros

Address: Plaza del Mar, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Tel: 932 21 90 82


Reservations Recommended