six Kibuka Uramki on a plate eel avocado and sesame seeds
Kibuka Uramki . Makis stuffed with salmon tempura, cucumber, avocado, mayo with a slightly warmed & beautifully seasoned eel served on top of each maki.

I absolutely love Asian food. Hands down it´s my favourite Cuisine and Kibuka, a Japanese restaurant in Gracia, is my go-to place when I want melt in the mouth sushi.

This fairly small, unassuming restaurant Kibuka is tucked down a narrow side street in Gracia and  has had a flow of secret admirers since the first time it opened it´s doors in 2004. Have to admit, it has been a long time since I was last there and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when I turned up for lunch to find people already snaked along the road, 20 minutes before Kibuka even rolled up the blinds.

Service is timely and organised, they have it down to a fine art. Once everyone bursts through the doors to grab a table, the waiters staff are released, targeting groups of tables in a choreographed manner. Once all the orders have been taken then everyone receives their drinks one after the other. Then you rub your hands in anticipation of your food . The staff are great, Super friendly & speak a decent level of English.

The ceiling fans, wooden beams, combined with wooden tables and long bar, is in keeping with a traditional and simple Japanese feel. The food is incredible, the sushi is prepared right in front of you and the sashimi is the speciality of the house because it is fabulously fresh, like butter melting into your mouth.

Simple but very creative maki combinations are to die for. It is so very tempting to order a heap of dishes from the menu, especially once you see the splendour leaving the kitchen. After years of overeating way too much (eyes bigger than belly syndrome) and suffering the consequences of my repeated actions, by having to lie down – anywhere, I have relinquished power to the obvious – You can always order more if you want later.
Best of both worlds. Innit.

On this day I shared with Sister P , Ebi Tempura, succulent and tender prawns in a tempura batter that is Oh so good. It´s incredibly light, crispy-dry Served with a very interesting clear broth of warm rice wine and soya which is delicately sweet with a touch of sour.This was followed by Aburi Uramaki, a filling of Semi roasted tender salmon, prawn tempura, cream cheese, masago, dried tomato & decorated with a confit of sweet onion.

The last dish was Kibuka Uramki . Makis stuffed with salmon tempura, cucumber, avocado, mayo with a slightly warmed & beautifully seasoned eel served on top of each maki. The maki rice had that lovely, ever so slightly warm and soft in texture greatness..

Seriously people if you looking for Top restaurants in Barcelona serving sushi. Kibuka is one Restaurant to try.

Here is just some of the deliciousness:

Teka Maki– Tuna tartar with fresh basil and Kiwi

Mint Uramaki – Salmon and avocado with Japanese tartar sauce and mint

Ceviche Uramaki – white fish, langostine, lime and coriander.

Paulist Uramaki – Avocado, banana and eel. They say this one is really good, because of the different textures and that sweet and sour combo that people love.

I suggest you order with sharing in mind, trust me, when your friend´s dish arrives you´ll wish you´d ordered that one and vice versa

Kibuka  Carrer de Goya, 9, 08012 Barcelona

Average price 20-30€


The front of kibuka menu card the name kibuka and japanese writing clients eating and a girl with chopsticks feeding herself and talking to a friend a hand with an ebi tempura being dipped in a light broth in a bowl five makis lined up on a plate with tempura in the middle and on top salmon and confit of sweet onion a glass with beer and person in background japnaese sushi chef head shot wearing a japanes scarf around head a hand preparing wasabi and ginger onto plates

a plate with only one maki and chopsticks crossed onto it a receipt of the bill some coins on a tray