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Local food lovingly served at Restaurant L`Antic Forn.  Traditional Spanish food-

You know that famous line by Dorothy in the wizard of oz “There´s no place like home” . Well that is exactly how I felt during and after my luncheon at L´Antic forn.

First of all let me tell you. You have no idea how many times i´ve walked past this restaurant and promised to try it out.. After what must have been the 90th time, peering in like some weirdo, so this time I thought “fcuk it, just go in”. The expletive might seem a little over the top, but I have good reason. Not only was I annoyed at myself for not eating here yet again, but I had also just necked a couple of delicious empanadas at Komo en Kasa, a cool little snack place, I really.was.not.hungry.not really!

As usual the restaurant was very busy. I really didn’t think I had a chance in hell of getting a table this day. I approached the man sitting front of house who welcomed eager punters and clearly, regulars,  he had the softest speaking voice and the sweetest disposition ever. I asked if he had a table for 1, “I don´t take up much space” I said. He smiled at me and politely said “ yes, if you don´t mind waiting I can get you a table. I was so happy.

You get used to waiting staff and restaurant owners barking, **ESPERE*** (WAIT) or whizzing straight past you repeatedly openining and closing your mouth like a fish uttering the words “excuse me”, while they try to synchronise the flow of people desperately needing to be fed. However this lovely sweet man who I spoke to is Pedro, and Pedro is the owner of L’Antic Forn.

70 years ago the restaurant used to be a bakery and so the tradition for serving food continues in this very charming little place. Classic , simple and cosy is the immediate appeal of Lántic Forn, nicely distributed over 3 floors.

I went for the menu del dia. I was pleased as punch at the choice of food and the quality and flavours of each dish. I chose for starters: A salad which by the way you help yourself to, plus I ordered the black rice with seafood, that had me closing my eyes with every bite because it was seasoned so well. The mains was hake with grilled veggies. The fish was tender and sweet. To drink, a Moritz beer and for desert Panna Cotta (love a panna cotta)  To top off a fabulous afternoon of feasting a  really sweet couple on the table to my left struck up a conversation with me and later offered me a glass of white Sangria. Gonna be honest, never knew white sangria was a thing. How cool was that!?!

All that tuck for a fabulous 15 euros from the Menu del dia

The Service was excellent, thanks to the lovely waitress that served me & the portions were just as they should be where you can enjoy each dish without feeling stuffed after 4 courses. I really, love this place.

Nb. After service Pedros Wife popped her head into the restaurant, still with her pinny on, She´s the lovely person who magically whips up the superb home-made food.

Photos Bobbie Nicole

l antic forns plate of panna cotta desert with a caramel sauce and spoon an empty table for two at Lantic forn with two wine glasses and set table table outside of front of restaurant l antic forn with eight diners on a sunny day five diners inside the old restaurant l antic forn in the raval hand pouring a jug of white sangriaa plate of seafood black rice paella a waitress standing at the counter of restaurant l antic forn honey being poured over panna cotta cheese table after diners have left of used glasses and coffee cups empty bottles

Cost: 11 -30 euros

Address: C/del Pintor Fortuny, 28, 08001 Barcelona

Hours: Everyday except public holidays Breakfast 9:00 a 13:00. Lunch 13:00 a 17:00 Dinner 20:00 a 24:00

Tel: 93 412 02 86

Nearest Metro: Liceu

Web: lanticforn.com