lolitas taperia habas beand and quails eggs on a dish
Photo Courtesy of Lolita Taperia

On every street corner, diagonal & straight you will lay eyes on decidedly attractive looking restaurants in Sant Antoni, by joves there are plenty of them. It´s that kind of neighborhood where it seems as though its been has been purposefully erected to feed the cravings of food obsessed individuals. Now unless you done your homework you´ll know that the Adriá brothers, gawd bless ’em have 4 restaurants dotted around making Sant Antoni the Grooviest-Gastro-Starry-Eyed neighbourhood in all of Barcelona. More on the Adrias another time because here we must  focus our attention on Lolitas ……Ah yes Lolita, La Taperia. Lolita Taperia has the perfect balance of vibrant, lively, friendly, informal and serves all your favourite tapas and some, emerging on your plate as gratifying pieces of contemporary classics. This place is a must, especially good as a Friday or Saturday night option you´d be silly not to swing by.

Now then, in order for you to be versed on Lolita´s menu before taking position My Foodie Friend Barcelona sets the scene for Lolita Taperia & gives you some great tapas recommendations with piccies too.

At lunchtime, it’s mildly cheeky, whilst come evening, the lights dip low, the music swells high and all it all becomes more of a tapas party.


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