Masala 73 have opened a curry bar - curry

Masala 73 have opened a curry bar-food truck

Have you seen Lion?  The Film I mean. At the start of a 5 hour train journey last Sunday my sis. sister P who is flippin mental, about movies, calls my mobile and says “Bob you should download Lion, that´ll kill some time”
It ruined me.
I cried. A lot.
The shame of sobbing & subtle weeping sounds on a seriously packed train had me thinking that sister P stitched me up.

Trains planes and automobiles is where I´m at as is the need for somat´spicy. The craving for hot-peppery-tang never goes away, I eat rampant Indian Rice dishes or best a raging Malaysian sambal for breakfast no sweat, in fact sticking a head into the fridge and digging into last nights left over curry is obligatory in my mind.  Anyrode back to the point. The point being India, trains planes & automobiles + Masala 73.

Masala 73 is a funky food truck who do the rounds at all the top food festivals in Barcelona serving tasty Indian street food, have now opened a curry bar in the Eixample. The food on the bus is marvelous as should be the food at their new venture. Be the first and tell me what you think. The puddings look well good.

Hours: Tues Thurs 1pm – 4pm & 8pm – 11pm  Fri Sat 1pm – 4pm & 8pm – 12am