new restaurant mr robinson barcelona steak tartar on a plate
Photo Courtesy of Plateselector

Mr Robinson

Back in the day there was a club in London called America. Saturday nights were a flippin´ blast. Dizzy lights, the best sounds & flecked with unconventionals.  The phone would ring “Hello” “Oh hey Bob, I was wondering, what you up to tonight? ” “Hiya! Oh I´m Going to America” I would get a few seconds silence followed by “What? You´re going to America?”  from first timers unacquainted with this extraordinary underground scene.
It always, always made me smile.

Mr Robinson a delightfully memorable name for this shiny & new restaurant in the beachy neighbourhood of Barceloneta.  Plateselector describes it as “A first class ticket to a surprise destination”

Mr. Robinson finds food and drink from all continents, flavors that transport you from Japan to Brazil, through Italy and a small stop in Argentina.

It has a variety of cocktails, the most exquisite and original drinks for all tastes.

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