la cova fumada seafood tapas sardines cuttlefish on table
Photo courtesy of Culinary Backstreets

Seafood Barcelona – When your taste buds are set on something and then the idea is cemented, you really need good recommendations from people who are in the know.  All that is required are a few key words to get the point across and it goes like this: Traditional, fresh, tapas, local, seafood, classic, oldyworldy & fun.

This is a place to take off your tie, eat with your fingers and put aside your smartphone, lest the screen gets covered with grease from your fingers.

La Cova Fumada in Barceloneta is a no airs and graces 70+ year old tavern especially known for its fresh seafood of mussels, octopus, squid, salted cod, mackerel and grilled sardines and one in particular famous tapas dish of their own (a great conversational piece)   Although the restuarant is signless one sure indicator you are at the right place are the people dedicated to getting a seat for a good ol´slap up and a few beers. Culinary Back Streets Barcelona give the full back story to this iconic restaurant.

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