Look at all those beer taps! Photo courtesy of Olgod

Vikings and craft beer snobs rejoice! Ølgod craft beer bar brings a touch of Scandinavian sophistication to Barcelona’s bohemian Raval neighbourhood.

Do you know that song by the Swedish band Hoffmaestro, it goes Danananana Danananana Danananana Danananana Tcha Tcha Tcha Tcha Tcha.  I usually play it as the first song on a Monday morning. When I  hear it I run really fast, as fast as I can on the spot, shake my head & slap my thigh-till the song practically stops. I get quite dizzy & out of breath but its not the dizziness you get that makes you feel ill it resembles a burst of hundreds & thousands.  That´s why I  call it my tonic song. Last Thursday I shared a post about the Swedish restaurant Papa Sven and on Monday, I  played the Hoffmaestro song which lead me to me think about Danes. That is why I´m  sharing  a post about Ølgod a Danish bar recommended by Ben of Driftwood Journals (DJ)….If you want sound bar Recs, Ben´s yar man.

A little back info before you go: According to the official website of Denmark denmark.dk  beer has been part of the Danish culture for more then 5000 years.  Makes sense did you see all those beer taps in the photo!’

So … Skål to all lovers of beer. Here is the post & that song 

Skål  /skol/: Cheers in Danish, Swedish & Norwegian.