Interior at Parking pita middle eastern restaurant in Barcelona
Photo courtesy of Foodie in Barcelona

My eyes widened to a grimace when I read the description of how a falafel should feel.
“Crisp enough to scrape a bit of skin off your gums” Cheezus …………who hurt you?

This indeed is education. Suzy at Foodie in Barcelona, half Jordanian, is doing educatin’, educatin’ on what a bona fide falafel experience should be like. She does of course make less painful reference points to an assortment of Middle Eastern dish delights that are also worth licking the end of your pencil for before setting sail on the aromatic adventure.

How can it be that what I ate felt authentic to me?

So where in Barcelona can you sit down, enjoy Middle Eastern food and do a gum test?  Parking Pita in Sant Joan. A space seemingly big enough to invite as many people you would to your wedding and some, typically the approach you want to eating this kind of food.

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