wo kitchen ramen workshop bowl of ramen noodles
Photo courtesy of Wo Kitchen


The key focus for this cooking workshop will be to learn how to make ramen noodle broth. Not only will you be taught how to prepare the traditional meat based broth, the main ingredient to a bowl of ramen noodles, you will learn also learn how to make a vegan one too during this 2 hour workshop, best of both worlds.  At the end you will have an unctuous steaming bowl of ramen noodles, a welcome dish on any wintery day.

In our workshop we will learn to make two broths: – The first chicken-based (Shōyu (醤 油) considered the most Japanese way.) It consists of chicken, which is added a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce before serving. – And the second based on miso (VEGANO) (味噌, miso, ‘source of flavor’, in turn from my ‘flavor or seasoning’, and so ‘source’), totally vegetarian, is a condiment consisting of a flavoring paste, made with soy beans and / or cereals, sea salt and fermented with the koji fungus. Chef: Mayela Armas T

The workshops are 2 hours of practical classes and 1 hour of dinner to enjoy the cooked dishes.

Class Price: €38 per person which includes a drink, a snack and recipes.

When: Saturday 20th January

Location: Wo Kitchen Comerç 7 08003 · Barcelona

T:+34 629 734 665

Web: mosquitotapas.com/wokitchen

Book early by mail or directly on website as classes are limited