bar el maravillas table of 3 dishes person cutting into a meat dish
photo courtesy of AOS

Let´s head up to Les Corts for a change shall we and see how the other half a doing up there. According to Sara from Appetite & Other Stories or Bar El Maravillas seems like a wholly splendid choice come the weekend when the criteria for enjoying food with your besties outside your usual circuit is: homely, filled with locals, sound of fervent chatter, tapas & booze.

On our visit, a Sunday afternoon for lunch, the diners seemed all to be from the neighbourhood, chatting and joking with each other over a bite and drink.

In this post Appetite & Other Stories illustrate all the above through the glorious photos of dishes tried & tested, the food looks incredible, no questions, just the desire to taste each one. Thankfully there is a dish description under each photo so you can refer to your fave if you decide to go to Bar El Maravillas. Oh and she gives some great cocktail bar references too. Another great tip for places to eat in Barcelona!

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