Tapas 24 Top Quality Tapas in the City Centre

tapas 24 top quality tapas desert of salted chocolate ice cream and biscuits mounted ontop
Desert photo courtesy of Foodbarcelona

So you wanna eat quality tapas eh? And intent on getting it right.
It´s hard.
I know.
Should one go for a bit of dried up old tortilla speared onto a bit of crusty bread or perhaps some caramalised onion lording it up on top of greasy cheese. Be sure to cut your mouth on days old rounds of bread. Get it tourist right and you might end up in A&E.

So how do you distinguish between the sublime, mediocre & the awful?
You come here of course to get steered in the right dirección.
I get it. You want get it right. Simply eat top tapas, but, head to said place tooled up with the knowledge that that said place has been given the nod by the Barcelona´s very own food writing aces.

So lets get you up to speed & present you with some keyword names. First up is Steve Tallantyre a veteran food writer and person behind the blog foodbarcelona. Steve knows how to eat well and leaves no stone unturned. Next is Carles Abellan a Michelin-starred Chef synonymous with revolutionising Tapas plus more cool stuff and Steve has written a restaurant review about Carles Abellans unfussy basement bar near Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia called Tapas 24.

I’d eaten Abellan’s croquettes before but my friend Tony had not, and I suspected he might like them. I wasn’t wrong. Phrases like “Willy Wonka’s whole meal in a single bite” and “oh my god” tumbled from his smacking lips and he started texting people to spread the word.

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