the exploring barista mariella holding a its so fiber licious coffee cup


Like millions of others I spend a substantial amount of time on youtube where I will either be watching food programs, tutorials, documentaries or looking for a music playlist.  Casually I´ll glance across to the “up next” panel on the right for suggestions and notice the odd vlogger video. I´m not gonna lie, I can find vloggers to be somewhat contrived or just bloody irritating, so, tend to ignore them.  The words vlog, vlogger, vlogging gives me hives anyway therefore it wont be used instead I will refer to the term youtuber or channel where necessary (gentler on the amygdala)
However, during one of my youtube sessions I stumbled across  a channel called The Exploring Barista which piqued my interest so I clicked and played. A fervent nod and satisfied smile after watching Mariëlla aka The Exploring Barista share her dailies and passion for speciality coffee in Barcelona. The Exploring Barista is mad about coffee so much so she has a tattoo of what appears to be a V60 and coffee cup on her arm.

People call me a crazy coffee girl. My life is all about specialty coffee.

I even travel the world for it!

Once a week The Exploring Barista uploads a video of what she has been up to Monday through to Sunday. Her logs usually begin with a pleasing “Good morning!”  then travel in her tiny lift as she goes to Nomad Coffee where she works as a Barista.

At Nomad Coffee she films snippets of herself perform brewing techniques of a drink idealized by many. At the same time reminding people, like me, who are intrigued and still perplexed by the speciality coffee phenomena that science, precision and passion are just a few factors that set this drink apart.

Step outside of work & watch The Exploring Barista chip about the city showing you where to grab a bite to eat, drink great coffee, see her partake in Latte Art competitions, talk aeropress, cupping & brewing, join friends, travel cities.

From the outset I found The Exploring Barista to be charming.funny.adorable. A no frills down to earth person. who has a genuine passion for all things speciality coffee & travel.