The New Generation of Fast Food

the new generation of fast food
photo courtesy of Bacoa

Proximity and transparency are two very important values in this profession because these days most people don’t know where their food comes from. We think this is something that is important and we always welcome any questions about our products.

The fast food landscape is changing. Hungry humans are gravitating more toward the “fast-casual” restaurant, opting for quality over speed & price. Food trends tell us what people are eating and how much of a demand there is for the “thing”. The current thing being transparency, proximity and of course organic. The People are asking questions. The People want to know where their food comes from and this, is where Bacoa took the bull by it´s horns.

Bacoa is the brainchild of husband and wife Brad Ainsworth (Australian) Paula Lera (Spanish) The Gourmet Burger chain are doing PRRR-i-T-ee well. Now with 6 restaurants to date including one in Madrid, tells us, they must be doing somat right eh!

We are passionate about using premium ingredients and cooking everything by hand. Whether it’s our homemade sauces (such as the Roasted Tomato Ketchup, Salsa Brava, Aioli, our Mustard or Black Truffle Mayo), the hand rolled buns or our fries, that we cut by hand each day and are never frozen. We work with the best meat, ice-cream and bread suppliers in Barcelona who are essential for bringing our recipes to life. Every detail counts.

Why bother though? It would be easier and cheaper to use industrial products, readily available in plastic bottles, like most others do, but for us using additives and food processing is no substitute for real cooking.

We are chefs, not chemists!

So what else they got?

First tho let´s remind ourselves. They make their own ketchup, sweet Mother of pearl!

Organic Beef

Veggie & Vegan options

Hand rolled buns

Hand cut chips. HAND!

Sandro Desii Ice-Cream 


Biodegradable packaging

Food under a tenner…..

A delivery Service