the reason why kak koy is a winner- the team
The super team ♥

Kak Koy Japanese Restaurant.

“P we must be early” shaking the door handle and cupping my eyes to get a better view through the window. “Are you sure they open at 1:30”, “yes fam, I booked the table”. We waited till 1:40 then I cupped my face again against the window and this time I could see shadows then people and suddenly the door was opened but on my near left side, by a chef with a real friendly face. “Hola”
“Oh!” “Hola”.  “You silly old sausage”, P whispered while thrusting me forward by nudging me in the back, “you been trying to get in through the wrong door?!”


The very pleasant chef with the real friendly face told us we could sit anywhere we wanted. Freely, we walked by the first communal marbled bank & then toward the one at the rear, I scanned the ideal spot then pointed “There´s nice”
“I love it here, it´s so welcoming “, I said climbing up onto the stool & flicking off my flip flops allowing my feet to dangle.

We were handed two menu cards plus a pencil.  Card 1º had a list of approx 12 dishes the most expensive being €8.60. Card 2º marked Temporada (seasonal) had around 6 plates priced between 10 & 18 euros. We were told to go steady & order 4-5 dishes each to begin by the nice chef. “If you want more after then order more” I like the last sentence. Why? Because “The mind knows not what the tongue wants” You know what I mean? Its disappointing when waiting staff nonchalantly watch you order a shit load of food then observe a shit load of wasted food without saying boo…..No. Not at Kak Koy. And it was much appreciated.

At Kak Koy a Japanese restaurant, the chefs take care of you from start to finish. talking you through the menu, whatever you need to know, o sea, they are the ones preparing the food, so what can they not tell you? It´s a nice touch.

Shm´t @#*! You know what, you just have to Go! Go vibe on exceptional Japanese food made with the same integrity Mr Hideki Matsuhida

of the one and only Shunka infuses into all his dishes. Shoulder to shoulder watch the chefs cook, prepare sushi in a completely open planned concept. See for yourself how nice they are. Enjoy Mr Matsuhidas food at moderate prices. Think tapas & super robatayaki dishes.  Think happy place. It is a happy place.
Just Don´t expect racks of makis or California rolls its better than that!

the reason kak koy is a winner - chef prepping fish

the reason why kak koy is a winner - chef prepping interior

the reason kak koy is a winner - aubergine
Aubergine with miso. This beauty should be behind glass.
the reason kak koy is a winner - pork skewer
Dismantling the tender pork.
the reason kak koy is a winner- sake
Some bloke offered me Sake. He said it was not Japanese Custom to drink Sake alone. I was quite tipsy after the one glass.
the reason kak koy is a winner -edamame
Edamame. cooked on the robatayaki. WoW. I did not want to waste a single nanogram of that gorge umami taste so I ate the pods too.
the reason kak koy is a winner - octopus
Octopus with sesame fragrance
the reason kak koy is a winner - mackeral
Local caught horse mackerel, salmorejo & corn dust
the reason kak koy is a winner - leek soup
White asparagus with cream of green asparagus
the reason kak koy is a winner - chicken wings
Grilled chicken wings
the reason kak koy is a winner - diners
Sake-Gate. In the loo. Pulling myself together.
the reason kak koy is a winner - ice-cream
Green tea & vanilla ice-cream and textured white chocolate

Kak Koy | Gotico

Address: C/ RIPOLL, 16  –  08002 BARCELONA

Hours13:3015:30   /   20:0023:30 Closed Sunday & Monday Lunchtime