Veggie Garden Vegan Restaurant.

Veggie Garden Vegetarian and vegan restaurant
The colourful Juice Bar

I am fascinated by what people can do with vegetables, the combinations seem to be endless, Oh and if it looks nice on the plate, then you got me by the short & curlies.

Veggie Garden Restaurant with its big green lettering set up in 2011 has its place in C/Angles in the Raval, a street where artists meet to digest the earth.

This well established & busy restaurant has 2 floors plus street dining. They serve a good selection Vegan meals AND Juices. Reminds me a bitsy of Food For Thought in London a once notorious vegetarian restaurant that was joylessly closed down due corporate bullying and staggering rent increases (I´m still bitter as it used to be a favourite of mine since I was a young thing)

Anyho, Very tasty vegetarian dishes at Veggie Garden AND juice bar. Here`s  how it works. choose between………

Combinado Del Dia: Costing a mere €8.50: First course + Second Course + Desert + Water or Wine + Bread

Mini €7.50 Second course + Juice of the day

VG Economic €6.50: Second Course + Milkshake of the day Or select individual dishes from the menu of course!

I´d suggest you to try the Nepalese Thali. Basmati rice, pumpkin curry, lentil dahl, vegetable pakora, bhaji, chutney, poppadum plus desert and a refreshing glass of wine €8.50

The desert, came in a shot glass. Its colourful fruit layered sorbet with a sweet finish. Cinnamon, cardamom, peach, kiwi and orange freshness topped with sweet condensed substance which was surprisingly complementary.

Price: Under 10€

Address: C/ Dels Angels 3, Barcelona Spain & Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602, 08007

Hours: Mon to Sunday 12:30pm to 11:30pm

Nearest metro: Liceu