the inside of the restaurant greenhouse barcelona

They say indoor plants instantly make you feel better. Experts agree “having indoor plants, or spending time gardening can have significant psychological benefits that go beyond the surface”  Enter The Greenhouse. A restaurant that feels like a posh mini urban jungle ideal so as to escape the chaotic world outside for a burst of joy and sophisticated food that nourishes the body.
I had lunch at The Greenhouse to try notable Chef Damien Bolgers`  food  one afternoon & can report it was a very pleasant experience one I will repeat again & again.

The Greenhouse Seasonal Food…

When I think about The Greenhouse I think vibrant seasonal menu, food from the land. Because it is the vegetables that take centre stage.  I think fresh vegetables at their very peak and the protein as the accompaniment.  What was clear to me after the first few mouthfuls is that care is taken to ensure the vegetables are respected.  The integrity of their natural born flavours are not compromised and it is here you really get a chance to acknowledge their sweetness.

 Turbot with celery puree and candied chard mushroom

Chickpea stew with truffle poached egg

Roasted pork loin with hazelnut vinaigrette

This info may also be interesting to you: The restaurant is inside the Pulitzer Hotel. There is only one menu, the Menu Del Dia Yep good old menu of the day only.  Nope  you cant handpick off of another list because there isn’t one.  You just have to put up with Chef Damien Bolgers invigorating menu.
You choose whether you prefer a 12€, 16€ or 18.50€ meal. I don´t see the point in saving a fiver unless you are not a pudding person or you are in a hurry. The menu changes weekly so what I ate is likely to be different when you go. No weekends.  Only Mon | Tues | Wed | Thur | Fri and ni does the restaurant open in the evening. They were open for supper last year but not at the mo, however this might change in the summer (view weekly menu here)

A final word should you decide to go to the Greenhouse for luncheon.  I suggest you do the 180 like I did. Book a table (essential)  but arrive a little early, half hour will suffice. Order a wee drink in the hotel lobby, shuffle-down into one of the comfy armchairs, sip drink,  chat to the nice bar staff, laugh a little, check out the wall photography, smell the lush flowers, finish drink/s. Then get ushered to your table (unfinished drinks can be brought to your table)
The Greenhouse seasonal food at the Pulitzer hotel was a sense-you-all experience therefore I highly recommend!
P.s A 360 would include Pool & getting into bed.


the patio greenhouse barcelona

Seabass & Green Peas. I love peas but I´ve never had peas so textured and sweet as this.

greenhouse barcelona sea bass dish

Fish Eggplant Tartare

greenhouse pulitzer lobby barcelona